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Roulette Glossary
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Roulette Glossary

At a glance, roulette seems like a relatively straightforward game, but once at the table, you can hear dozens of unfamiliar terms that make it difficult to follow or enjoy the game. If you plan on playing roulette at your favourite casino, it will serve you well to know the most commonly used terms.

American Roulette – This is a version of roulette that is a favourite game to play in the Americas. This version has 36 pockets numbered 1-36 and includes a ‘zero’ and a ‘double zero’

Bankroll –  The amount of money the player has for betting.

Backtrack – This is the roulette wheel’s outer rim, where the ball gets spun.

Carr – This is French for Corner Bet.

Cheval – This is French for Split Bet.

Colonne – This is French for Column Bet.

Column Bet (Dozen Bet) – Roulette has three columns, and a bet placed on the available numbers in the columns is a Column Bet. It pays 2-1.

Croupier – This is the casino employee that supervises the game and is sometimes called a dealer.

Double Zero – In American roulette, this is the pocket with two green zeros (00) on it.

En Plein – This is French for Straight Up Bet.

En Prison – This is French for “In prison.” This rule only applies to even-money bets. When the outcome of the spin turns out to be zero, the player’s money is “imprisoned,” awaiting another spin. If the outcome of that spin is another zero, the player loses all their wager.

European Roulette – This is the traditional roulette wheel found in European and Asian casinos. Unlike American Roulette, it has 38 pockets numbered 1-37 and only has a single zero.

Even Money – Any wager that pays out 1:1. Examples include high/low, odd/even or red/black.

Five Number Bet – A bet in American roulette where the player needs the ball to land on 0, 00,1, 2 or 3. Perhaps this is the worse possible bet a player can make.

High Bet – A bet made by the player that the outcome will be between 19 and 36

Inside Bets –  This is a wager made on the inside and numbered section of the roulette table. The wager covers an individual number when the chip is placed on that number and more than one number when placed on a line. What they pay out for inside bets is relatively high.

La Partage – This rule applies to even-money wagers where the outcome is zero, and the player loses half of their wager.

Low Bet – A bet where the player needs the ball to land between 1 and 18

Marker – This is a device used by the croupier after each spin to mark the winning number. Until the croupier removes the device from the table, players are not allowed to make any more wagers.

Mini Roulette – This version of roulette is available in some online casinos and has thirteen pockets number 0-12. In a majority of mini roulette games, the player gets back half of his or her wage when the outcome is zero. The payout is adjusted accordingly after each win.

Orphans – This term is usually used in European casinos and refers to a bet placed on 6, 34 and 17, which are all neighbours on the wheel.

Orphelins – Another term that is usually used in European casinos, meaning a bet that gets placed on neighbouring numbers on the wheel.

Outside Bets – These are bets placed by the player on the outside of the roulette wheel’s layout. Most of them are even-money bets.

Pocket – This is an area on the roulette wheel where the ball can land. Each pocket has a unique number between 1 and 36 (half of them are red, and the other half are green) and also includes zero (which is green). American roulette comprises a double zero (as well as a ‘green’).

Six Line – This is an outside bet that gets placed on two of three numbers that are adjacent to each other. Should the ball happen to land on any of the numbers, the payout is 5-1.

Sixainne – This is French for Six Line Bet

Split – This is an inside bet made by the player when he/she places a chip on a line between two numbers. , and it usually pays outs 17:1

Straight Up – This is a bet covering only one number on the roulette table. The player makes it by placing a chip on the number. This bet usually pays outs 35:1.

Street – This is an inside bet covering three numbers. The player places three chips on the chosen pocketed number, and it pays out 11:1 if the ball lands on one of them.

Tiers Du Cylindre – This is French for “A third of the wheel.” It is a bet placed on 12 numbers that are next to each other on the wheel.

Transversale – This is French for Straight Bet.

Voisins du Zero – This is French for “Neighbours of zero.” It happens when a bet covers a group of numbers on the roulette wheel that are neighbours of zero.

Zero – This is a green pocket with a 0 in it.





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