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The NFL In Week 4, What Can We Expect?

The NFL in week 4, what can we expect?



The big question being asked in the NFC is who can stop the rampaging Rams? Three wins from three make them the only team with a 100 per cent record in their conference. The Rams (20/59) are also the only team in the NFC to have scored 100 points, and it’s up to the Vikings (12/5) to find a way to stop them.

This game could be all but over by the time the first half comes to a close if the first three games involving these sides are anything to go by. The Rams have outscored their opponents 50-26 in the first 30 minutes while the Vikings have struggled to put points on the board before half-time and have been outscored 17-47 in the first half.

The good news for Minnesota is that the second half has been kinder to them with a 42-25 points differential. The bad news is that the Rams too are a better team in the second half scoring 52 points and conceding just 10. The first half is 5/6 to be the highest scoring half while the second half is 21/20 to produce the most points.

The Rams are 21/4 to win after trailing at half-time while the Vikings are 10/1 to overcome a half-time deficit and win.

Over 49.5 total points scored is excellent value at 10/11 given the combined average points scored by both teams is 53.6.

The average winning margin from the Rams’ three games is 22 points. For them to win by 19 to 24 points is a generous 13/2.

The Vikings – who have won one, lost one and tied one – are 15/2 to win by between seven and 12 points.

In the market to score the first and last TD, Todd Gurley tops the list and rightly so. He is the only player to have five TDs this season – four on the ground and one TD catch. Gurley is 33/10 (and 4/11 anytime scorer).

Rams WR Cooper Kupp is 31/4 (21/20 anytime) to add to the two TDs he has already scored this season while his QB Jared Goff is 12/1 to rush for a TD or to catch a TD pass.

Vikings WR Stefan Diggs leads Minnesota with three TDs this season, all coming from passes from Kirk Cousins. Diggs is 11/1 (31/20 anytime).

TE Kyle Rudolph has two TDs to his name this season, and he is 12/1 (33/20 anytime) to add to that total. QB Kirk Cousins is 8/1 to rush for a TD or catch a TD pass.


If you do place a bet, #MakeItCount.

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