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Dave Coldwell Live From Vegas Gives Verdict On Canelo/Jacobs

Dave Coldwell Live From Vegas Gives Verdict on Canelo/Jacobs

Dave Coldwell is someone who knows all about the biggest fights and the grandest stages. As a trainer of several world champions, and as an expert pundit for Sky Sports, Coldwell has been in boxing’s brightest spotlight on multiple occasions and he tells SportPesa, all the way from Las Vegas, what to expect from Saul Alvarez v Daniel Jacobs.

“The touchdown was yesterday following a long flight from the U.K., but now I’m here, and I’ve experienced the excitement around the fight, I’m buzzing to hear that first bell on Saturday night. Vegas is always the same for a big fight and this is no different. I’ve sampled Vegas at its craziest when I was over here for Floyd Mayweather/Manny Pacquiao and I love it every single time I come. This just isn’t the pinnacle for a fighter, just being at a fight here is a brilliant moment for anyone whether you’re a fan, trainer, or even a journalist.

“Although there’s been bigger fights, Saul Alvarez and Daniel Jacobs is still a big fight for people in this city and those travelling here to fully get behind. Canelo is one of the biggest names in boxing and, along with the Anthony Joshua, there’s a huge responsibility with him to help create that mainstream buzz that only a certain number of fighters generate. His background with Oscar De La Hoya, plus fights with the likes of Mayweather, Miguel Cotto and Gennady Golovkin have made him a big star and this fight with Danny Jacobs is another massive event in the career of Canelo.

“Jacobs is someone who I’ve admired, in and out the ring, for a number of years now. Once described as the future of boxing when coming up as a young prospect, his career come off the tracks a little bit when he was brutally stopped by Dmitry Pirog in 2010. Personal issues away from boxing including a brave fight with cancer, something he deserves the utmost credit for, haven’t stopped him from fulfilling his dreams and the fact he’s here in Vegas today about to take part in the biggest fight of the year for the middleweight titles says a lot about the man.

“I’ve only been here a few hours, but already its been great to get out there and listen to people’s excitement regarding the fight. Everyone is pretty much pro Canelo, but if you stick around long enough then you will hear the odd case for Jacobs. For me, I think Canelo is in too good of a place to let anything get in the way of his career being a success. I think Jacobs will have his moments in the fight, but Canelo is just that bit better where it matters most and I think his greater experience at this level will be one of the biggest factors in a brilliant fight.”

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