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In-play Betting: What Is It And How Does It Work?

In-play Betting: What is it and how does it work?


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In-play betting allows punters to place their bets after the game, match or event has started. It is emerging as one of the most popular gambling methods due to the advantages and excitement it offers the player. From top-performing horses to a lucky streak, you can benefit from the gift of experience, analysis and outcome.

Today, SportPesa is exploring in-play betting – what it is and how it works. We’re also looking at some of the most popular games that offer it as a gambling option. In a world that is becoming increasingly mobile, about the now and on-the-go, it only makes sense that betting methods should follow a similar trend.

How in-play betting works

In-play gambling is based on the premise that betting happens as the game occurs or as it is being played – hence the term, ‘in-play’. Punters can change their bets based on performance. Thus, it is influenced by live events and can be approached as a calculated risk derived from real-time data.

Once an event has commenced, players can bet on a variety of sports, options and actions. For example, in football one can wager on the next team to score, the winner at half-time, the winning team or even highly detailed predictions, like the next goal scorer, the result at half-time or the final score. In tennis, players can bet on the next point, total points in a game, total games in a set, number of sets, set score and an assortment of other options.

Bets can range from vague to highly detailed. Generally, as the predictions become more specific, they become more valuable. They’re also based on the probability or likelihood that they will occur. The lower the odds of it transpiring, the more profitable it is if it does. It is essential to balance probability and data-driven estimations with the potential amount that can be won. If the punt is too predictable, you can expect little payback.

The Advantages of in-play Betting

In-play betting offers several advantages over conventional and pre-game gambling options. First of all, its immediate and dynamic nature enables it to be more exciting for the player. Most casinos also offer free streaming of the sporting event, so punters can enjoy the game live while claiming a stake on its outcome. Sports betting’s wide selection of options and ability to change your wager also provides a high level of convenience for the player.

However, the most notable advantage of in-play betting is how it improves gamblers’ odds. Analysing the game up until that point is often a good indicator of what is to come, especially if one is very familiar with the game, its players and how they perform under different conditions. Some sports, such as horse racing, lend themselves more to in-play betting. This is because they’re heavily influenced by external (on the day) factors, such as weather or jockey/horse performance. Based on these factors, punters can make or change their bets accordingly.

Live games at SportPesa

SportPesa offers a wide variety of in-play sports including, football, horse racing, darts, golf, tennis, basketball, boxing, cricket and MMA. Due to its global appeal and endless options, football is generally the most popular. Punters can choose between a host of different leagues and cups, countries, players and statistics – from full time and half-time results, total goals and first to score, down to highly detailed predictions, such as corners, numbers (and types) of cards and missed penalties. One can also choose between single or multiple bets, each with their probability and return on investment.

At SportPesa, in-play betting is made simple. There’s no middleman – no need to go to the bookies. Login to your account (or register if you don’t have one), click to place your live bets and reap your rewards. Not only does SportPesa allow you to place last-minute bets, but you’re able to check your betting slip, betting history and all your open bets. By doing so, your wagers are easy to manage, and you can learn from previous data to make an informed decision.

Get ready to play

Now that you know a bit more about in-play betting – the excitement, the advantages and the options, get ready to place your bets. Your knowledge of the game, your ability to predict and your capacity to take risks culminates in a highly exhilarating experience. Like live occurrences (and data) drive our everyday life, in-play betting allows you to forecast and potentially profit from the outcome of sporting events. At SportPesa you can enjoy calculated gambling on the go and in real time!

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