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The 5 Most Common Myths About Online Slots

The 5 Most Common Myths about Online Slots


Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, there comes a time when you would search the internet for slots gameplay tips. While some of the resources may help, it is advised that customers pursue further research to avoid biased opinions and falling into an unwelcome streak of potential losses.

When it comes to online slot machines, there are a number of misconceptions that have been literally “sung” into the ears of players and are now believed to be true. We present to you the five (5) most common myths about online slots.

  1. Casinos launch new Slots to offer Variety

Whilst online casinos tend to boast a wide range of slot games within each category, the mechanics and methods of winning are essentially the same. The major point of differentiation is that of theming, storytelling and entertainment. Major variations occur between slot game types, such as the number of reels and betways, whether they offer a ‘game within a game’ bonus level, and, more importantly, whether the slot is regular or a Progressive Jackpot. Furthermore, most casinos only offer a handful of popular slot games, with the remainder serving a very particular (and small) niche within the industry.

  1. A Slot can’t pay out another Jackpot in a Short Time

Another myth that has gained widespread traction is that slots won’t pay out another jackpot for a long time after paying the last. This is a misconception, the proponents of which seem to forget that slots are, essentially, a game of chance. Rather, a jackpot can happen at any time because spins are governed by Random Number Generators; making it possible for successive jackpots to occur. The statistical impact of consecutive wins is so minor, that it is practically null and void.

  1. A Jackpot is likely if a Slot doesn’t pay out in a while

Slots players often attempt to predict an imminent jackpot when the machine in question hasn’t paid out for some time. This myth has gathered momentum and is almost completely believed by every player. The truth of the matter is that spins are random. Because of the nature of online slots, you cannot predict when the next payout will occur. Frequency of payouts could also refer to the concept of ‘loose slot machines’, a belief that certain types of machines have a statistically higher chance of a return.

  1. There are Specific Times to Win at Slots

In games of chances, there is never a laid-down rule or timeframe when a player can hit a jackpot. The proponents of this myth are of the opinion that Progressive Jackpots are more likely to hit on weekends than weekdays. The basis of this misconception is due to the fact that slot games are played most frequency on weekends, reducing the timespan between potential wins.

  1. Casinos are not interested in Low Rollers

This is yet another unfounded misconception. Online slots do not discriminate or create discrepancies among its players. That is the reason why they offer a wide range of offers, bet types and wagering amounts that suit the income level of every slot player. Furthermore, all slot machines have strict betting limits, many of which are relatively low, particularly when compared to other types of casino games.

Don’t believe the Myth

Over the years, analysts and casino enthusiasts have been seeking the truth behind the myths around online slots. So far, the outcome proves these misconceptions to be what they are – a mere fallacy. It is important to do your own research and consult a number of unbiased opinions before placing your bets on your favourite online slots.

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