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What Is The SportPesa Premier League Prediction Table
Football is back!

What is the SportPesa Premier League Prediction Table

For almost two decades, Charlie Mullan, a fanatical football follower, has been at the very centre of his beloved sport in his role as a widely respected football journalist. On hand to report breaking news or providing exclusive insights from the most high-profile fixtures, Mullan has dedicated himself to his craft impressively.

In recent years, Mullan’s passion has altered slightly and although football still takes up the bulk of his hectic schedule it’s now statistics and data that fascinate Mullan. Applying this extensive catalogue of facts and happenings to his betting strategy, Mullan has become one of sport’s most renowned tipsters with gamblers of football, cricket, tennis, rugby and golf all ardent supporters of Mullan’s relentless work.

Contributing to SportPesa for a number of years, Mullan’s selections each weekend throughout the cutthroat football season have been largely consistent with a brilliant success rate. At the backend of last season, where every goal and point matters, Mullan, in his weekly column for SportPesa, correctly predicted 11/12 pre-match tips with his only failure occurring due to a postponed game featuring cash-strapped Bolton. This season, SportPesa has a different type of challenge for Charlie and it comes in the shape of The SportPesa Premier League Prediction Table.

Every week, Mullan will provide the SportPesa news site with his predictions for every single Premier League game each weekend. Opposing him each week will be a special guest looking to go one better than our football statistics connoisseur. SportPesa have been inundated with requests from figures regularly in the public spotlight to take on Mullan and kicking off the challenge on week one is Irish boxing hero, Michael Conlan.

Each week, both Mullan and his opponent that weekend will predict the outcomes of every Premier League game taking place that week and points will be awarded for correct scores. Three points will be handed out for the right result and one point will be handed out if the outcome is correct but the score is wrong. The contributor with the highest weekly score at the end of the season will be declared the inaugural SportPesa Premier League Prediction Table winner and will be invited back  the following season to defend their crown.

This isn’t only a competition between Charlie and whoever he takes on, this is an ideal opportunity for players following our multiple social media channels to play along and interact by telling us their scores and comparing their own weekly totals to those achieved by Mullan and our guests. SportPesa will also be using some of the scores given each week to use as potential price boost or to feature in our generous #MakeItCount coupon. The SportPesa Premier League Prediction Table is for everyone. Be sure to check it out every single weekend

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