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Dave Coldwell Speaks On Boxing’s Virus Impact

Dave Coldwell Speaks on Boxing’s Virus Impact

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Boxing’s biggest multi-tasker had the next few months planned out perfectly with the likes of Jordan Gill and Hopey Price set to resume their careers under his tutelage. Thwarted by the Coronavirus, Dave Coldwell now faces a period of uncertainty, here, the trainer of former world cruiserweight champion, Tony Bellew, speaks exclusively to SportPesa about the current situation impacting boxing.

“In all my years in boxing, and that’s quite a lot, I’ve never seen anything pretty much bring the sport to a sudden halt the way the Coronavirus has hit it. Obviously, this is a major global incident and the health and stability of people must come first, but the amount of shock I’ve felt in the last few days followibg these developments is something else and the way it has hit boxing is going to be detrimental to so many fighters.

“This isn’t a sport with contracts and weekly wages, a fighter has to fight and if there’s no boxing shows being staged then how on Earth are these people meant to continue with their careers? I’ve had a number of my lads impacted by the shutdown with the amount of shows cancelled and all I can do is try to stay positive for them and keep them looking forward.

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“I’ve seen on the news and in social media posts that a number of promoters are rescheduling their shows to the start of summer and that’s one positive in a world of uncertainty so hopefully those shows can stay in place. Boxing is a way of life to so may people and it’s not just the fighters being impacted although they are the most central part of the sport.

“I’m just hoping that this situation can be contained as quick as it’s taken a grip because it really is a worrying situation out there at the moment. In a few weeks’ time we might be in a position where we could be over the worse and we can start looking to the future again and that boxing, sport, and life, can get back to some normality. These are testing times for everyone and I wish everyone well over the coming weeks. We need to remain calm and take the right steps, and hopefully we can get through this soon.”

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